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Custom Products

Vortex Tool Company Inc. was founded in 1992 by Ron and Mike Serwa to continue a long family tradition of producing quality cutting tools for the woodworking market, with delivery from stock or shipped the same week. 

Custom Tooling - No Problem!!
In fact, Custom Tooling is a large percentage of our business. Utilizing state-of-the-art CAD/CAM manufacturing processes, Vortex Tool can make the best possible tool for your specific need. Given the facts of your operation, our engineers will design your tool with the best possible geometry for a clean cutting, long lasting tool.

Stringent quality control assures an excellent, quality cutting edge as well as profile accuracy. Vortex Tool offers cutting edges in different grades of carbide, stellite, high speed steel and polycrystalline diamond. Deliveries average between two and three weeks and will be accurately defined at time of quote. We welcome the opportunity to provide you pricing on your next cutting tool requirement.

Custom Sized Tools
Custom sized tools are available upon request. If you don't find the size you need listed, please contact us with your details. We will gladly quote the tool you need.

Vortex Tool Company Inc. offers a comprehensive sharpening and service program. We have developed our manufacturing process to include the sharpening business. In most cases the tooling is serviced by the same equipment and personnel that made it. This allows us to restore that "like new" performance with our exclusive "Razor Edge" technology. Turn-around is usually two working days or less. And, yes we service any brand or type of cutting tool.

Bits With Bearings
All standard tools, 3/8" and larger, can be made with bearing guides on cutting edge end of tool. For pricing add $35.00 to tool price and add "B" to the part number when ordering.

Left Hand Tools

All tools featured in this catalog are available in left hand rotation. To order left hand tools signify by placing "L" after the part number. More popular tools are currently listed in catalog. To calculate prices divide standard right hand price by .75 (25% mark up).

Technical Questions...No Problem. Click here to contact our staff.

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