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CR Onsrud

C.R. Onsrud "Super Duty" series router


Vortex Tool recently purchased a C.R. Onsrud "Super Duty" series router machine as our new test
router. When cutting primarily solid wood or non-ferrous metals, which creates significantly more vibrations,
the additional dampening ability of the cast iron frame found in the Onsrud "Super Duty" Series of routers is
needed. The cast iron frame design not only contributes to the overall weight, mass, and rigidity of the machine,
it also promote faster feed rates, better finishes, longer tool life and less maintenance. A cast iron frame design
will usually cut much deeper per pass and machine much faster while maintaining a better finish. Our staff at
Vortex Tool is looking forward to designing and testing high quality cutting tools on this new piece of equipment.
For more information on the C.R. Onsrud "Super Duty" CNC router series, click here.

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